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Actionlink offers a unique model for in-store sales development, logistical implementation and functional built upon three pillars: Store Readiness, Staff Readiness and Shopper Readiness. Our strategic Staff & Customer related services allow us to model and scale selling strategies that support your business and deliver remarkable experiences to associates and customers that elevate your brand and drive sales.

The more tactical Store Readiness part of our business unites your leaderandising, store/display functionality and compliance requirements, ensuring the environment in which associates and customers interact is a healthy representation of the brand you are working to, or have already built. Engaging all three areas of our business allows us to develop a strategically integrated plan that marries Store Readiness, Staff Readiness and Customer Readiness substantially increasing the ROI on our projects.



Bruce Finn

President, Chief Executive Offer, and Founder

Bruce Finn is ActionLink’s Founder, CEO, and President. With creativity, vision, and extraordinary insight into the consumer electronics industry and retailer relationships, Bruce’s hands-on leadership has taken Actionlink from humble beginnings in 1996 to being an industry leader in retail solutions.

With more than 35 years in the retail business, Bruce’s extensive knowledge of the industry has earned numerous “Manufacturer Representative of the Year” awards for work with industry giants such as Panasonic, JVC, Kenwood, Yamaha, Packard Bell, Lexmark, Fuji Photo Film, Memorex, and other high tech companies.

Delbert Tanner

Chief Operating Officer

Del Tanner joined ActionLink’s Executive Team in September 2007 and was recently named Chief Operating Officer. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, leadership, finance, and information technology. As a founding member of Channel Partners, a company that provided leaderandising, training, and special event support for technology companies in the retail and reseller channels, Del set the company’s successful strategic direction. Prior to selling Channel Partners, he oversaw all operations as President.

Del received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Arizona State University.

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