ActionLink was founded in 1996 with a mission to create remarkable experiences for our employees, our vendor partners, and retailers. Here at ActionLink we have a unique set of Core Values that are foundational to our success as an organization. It is by operating within these core values that we expect to deliver outstanding business results for our customers and to continually foster an environment of engagement for all of our valued team members.

Our culture is very important to us and we take violations of our Core Values very seriously. Please take the time to read and understand these Core Values listed below and make every effort to use them as your parameters for how you operate and make decisions on a daily basis.



Passion comes from believing in what you do. Every ActionLink team member has passion for our company, our customers, and our results! Be passionate about the work you do every day and great results will follow!


We value the strengths, experiences and perspectives of others and recognize our limitations. We respect our Vendor and Retail partners, our competitors, and our fellow team members.


Companies that are able to grow fast while creating a positive experience for those they come in contact with are committed to an attitude of servant leadership. It is expected that leaders at every level strive to serve their teams by not only providing resources, but at times to be the resource. Leaders who work shoulder to shoulder with their team members have a much higher rate of success in business results and creating an environment of positive employee engagement.


ActionLink has a vast amount of diverse intellectual horsepower at our disposal. We believe that our success is dependent upon our ability to tap into this power to develop the best solutions for our customers, our retail partners, and the ActionLink organization. Leaders at every level are encouraged to break down silos and insist upon partnerships within the organization.


ActionLink has a history of driving great business results through a commitment to excellence in every area of our business. We like to say “Excellence is a Choice!” We expect every team member to strive for excellence every day in everything they do. Our customers have come to expect it and they certainly deserve it! It is this commitment to excellence that will continue to set us apart from our competition now and in the future.

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